How we make decisions: committees, meetings and panels

Neighbourhood committees

There are four neighbourhood committees made up of the councillors representing the electoral wards in each neighbourhood, responsible for providing many of the services in their area.

Each neighbourhood has its own budget and can make decisions on a range of services, including traffic management, planning applications, parks, libraries, housing management, youth service and licensing matters.

For further information on the neighbourhood system in the borough, including finding out which neighbourhood you live in, please visit Your neighbourhood and community.

To browse and view meetings, agendas and minutes, and see contact details for members of these committees, visit:

Decisions of the neighbourhoods are open to the 'call in' procedure.

Getting your voice heard

Neighbourhood meetings are held in public and usually take place every five/six weeks locally within the neighbourhood to make it easier for residents to attend.

Each neighbourhood committee has its own procedures to allow residents to ask questions and to speak at meetings. This includes:
  • up to 30 minutes at the start of the meeting for residents to ask their councillors questions on local issues
  • the opportunity for residents to speak on items on the agenda

Full details of how to get involved are set out on the agenda for each meeting. If you have any questions about the neighbourhood committees please contact Democratic Support.