Trees on our streets

Looking after our street trees

We own an estimated 12,000 street trees and many more within parks, open spaces, school grounds and council housing estates. The Tree Officer's role is to inspect all street trees to ensure they are well maintained and in a healthy condition. We inspect each street tree once every three years.

Our Tree Strategy outlines our policies on management of street trees.

Tree maintenance programme

The pruning schedule is divided up, ward by ward over a three year period. All wards have different issues when it comes to the size and species of trees in their streets. For example, it is very expensive to prune the large maple trees in St Mark's ward, or the lime trees in Grove ward. We divide the schedule so that the expense of pruning all the street trees is spread over a three year period.

The cyclical maintenance programme ensures that every three years appropriate work is undertaken to every street tree. As part of the cyclical maintenance programme we work on approximately 4,000 street trees per year. This doesn't include responsive and emergency works.

Councillors are notified which wards are being pruned within a certain financial year. However, it would be impractical from a logistical and cost point of view to notify all residents adjacent to trees of impending works.

Pruning schedule

We carry out a regular pruning programme, by ward, over a three year period:


  • St James, Chessington South, Norbiton - April to August 2016
  • Berrylands, Alexandra, Coombe Vale - September 2016 to March 2017
  • Coombe Hill, Canbury - April to August 2017
  • Surbiton Hill, Beverley, Tolworth and Hook Rise - September 2017 to March 2018
  • Old Malden, Chessington North and Hook - April to August 2018
  • Grove, St Mark's, Tudor - September 2018 to March 2019 

Trees in parks and open spaces 

Trees in parks and open spaces are managed by IdVerde Ltd. They are inspected annually by our Green Spaces Team on behalf of IdVerde, with pruning works being carried out for health and safety reasons only.