Borough-wide 20mph consultation

Consultation update

Earlier this year we asked what you thought about introducing a 20mph speed limit across the borough. As a council we believe 20mph will make our roads safer and, as more people feel confident to walk and cycle, contribute to cleaning our air. 

Over 1300 of you took part in the consultation on Kingston Let’s Talk and over 400 commented via email, social media, postcard or at a drop-in session - thank you for taking the time to respond with your views.

A variety of views were expressed by individuals and communities across the borough. Responses from those living or working in Kingston Town and Surbiton neighbourhoods showed more support for the proposal compared with South of the Borough and Maldens and Coombe. However, there were requests to consider specific roads and areas to be made 20mph routes across all four neighbourhoods.

Having considered your feedback, we were planning to take the findings from the consultation, and our recommendation to make the majority of Kingston’s roads subject to a 20mph limit to the Environment and Sustainable Transport Committee (EAST) in March. However, due to the pending London Mayor election and then the COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to proceed as planned.  

The TfL funding that was previously earmarked for this project has now been withdrawn and we have submitted a bid for reduced funding available from TfL’s ‘Temporary Streetspace’ programme designed to increase walking and cycling as the lockdown eases. This presents an opportunity to test ideas and see which ones residents would like to keep after lockdown ends. Considering the feedback from the different neighbourhoods we are drafting proposals for a phased approach in areas which have shown support for 20mph routes.

The consultation findings, along with our recommendation to proceed by adopting a phased approach, will be presented at a future committee once the funding options are clearer.   

The full results of the consultation are available to download from our website.