Register to vote

Register to vote - Armed Forces

People in the armed forces, and their spouses and civil partners, can register to vote as a service voter or an ordinary voter.

If you're based overseas, or expect to be posted abroad in the next year, register as a service voter. This allows you to be registered at a fixed address in the UK even if you move around.  A service voter registration also lasts for five years so, once you're registered, you shouldn't have to worry about it while posted overseas.

You will need your service number handy.

You can register to vote on the website 

If however you are based in the UK for the foreseeable future, you may Register to vote as an ordinary elector.

Applying to vote, doesn't automatically add you to the electoral register. We have to check your details first, then you'll get a letter either confirming that you're registered, or asking you for more information.

When you apply, ticking that you want to vote by post or by proxy does not automatically make you one of these types of voters. You will get a separate application form to vote by post or proxy and will remain an elector who votes in person until this form has been completed and returned.

How can you vote from overseas?

  • Proxy Voting If you are not based in the UK you can appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf.  As an overseas elector we would strongly advise that you apply to vote by proxy if possible. Your appointed proxy has to attend the polling station you were last registered to vote at, so make sure that the person you appoint is familiar with where you would have previously voted.  The person you appoint may opt to vote by post - we will send them an application form once you have appointed them

  • Postal vote If you are registered as an overseas elector you can apply to vote by post. You will need to make sure you have time to receive and return your ballot papers by polling day bearing in mind that it is often not possible to send postal votes out any earlier than 10 days before polling day and the postage will be even later than this if you do not submit your application early enough.  If you have opted to vote by postal vote and it does not arrive in time or gets lost in the post, you cannot then change your method of voting.  By law, all postal votes must be posted out, we are not allowed to email them to electors.

We strongly advise that you appoint  a proxy to vote on your behalf instead of a postal vote.  This is because we cannot guarantee we will be able to get you your ballot paper in time for you to vote and return it to us.  Your appointed proxy can apply to vote by post once appointed. We will send your appointed proxy the form they need for this.