Register to vote

How to register to vote

If you've moved into or within the borough, you'll need  to register to vote at your new address. If you've become eligible to vote for the first time you'll also need to register to vote. 

You can register to vote online:

Or, you can register to vote using a paper form:

  • contact us for paper form
  • complete the form and return it by email, post or fax

What happens next

Once you've registered we add you to the list of new applications. Any elector can then object to your name being added to the register. If this happens we will write to you.

If your application is not objected to, we will change your details within two to six weeks of receiving your form. We will write to tell you when your application has been approved.

We will also tell the electoral registration officer of your old address that you have moved, so that your name can be removed from that register. People who live at two homes (including students) are allowed to register at both. If you do not want to be removed from your other address please explain why on your form.

There are rules that restrict names being added to the voters list during an election period. You therefore shouldn’t wait for an election to be announced before registering or you may find your application cannot be processed in time to allow you to vote.