Polling District and Polling Station Review Information

Your thoughts on our polling districts and polling places

What's going on?

Kingston Council is currently carrying out a statutory review of polling districts and polling places in the borough to ensure that they are fit for purpose and that all electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable. Consultation will take place between Friday 18 October 2019 and Friday 15 November 2019. Recommendations from the (Acting) Returning Officers for the two constituencies are available on the consultation page. View the polling district and polling place review consulation page.

We're looking at our polling districts and polling stations:

  • used in the parliamentary elections 
  • held within the Kingston and Surbiton constituency and the Richmond Park constituency 

The review

The process starts with an official Notice of Review which sets out the timescales for the review process.

We are asking the following people to tell us what they think:

  • those experienced in making it easier for people with a disability to access buildings or services 
  • registered voters within the Kingston and Surbiton or Richmond Park constituencies
  • the (Acting) Returning Officers for the two constituencies

What is the difference between a polling district, a polling place and a polling station?

A polling district is a geographical area created by subdividing a constituency/ward A polling place is the building or area in which polling stations are located. A polling station is the actual area where the process of voting takes place, e.g. a room in a school

What is being reviewed?

This review is to see if the polling districts and polling places in Kingston suit the needs of voters and only covers the following:

  • the polling district boundaries within each ward of each constituency
  • the location of the polling place in each polling district
  • the accessibility of each polling place
  • buildings that might be considered for use as polling stations

Find your polling station

You can view the locations of polling places for each polling district on our interactive map or enter your postcode and select your address to find your polling district and station.

Previous Reviews

Polling districts and stations are permanently kept under review, however we have a statutory duty to carry out a review of polling districts and polling stations every four years.

The latest statutory review of polling districts and polling places was considered and approved at the Policy and Resources Committee meeting on Thursday 5 December 2013. These were subsequently adopted by the Council at its meeting on 17 December 2013.

You can download the report from the agenda and minutes page for Policy and Resources Committee - Thursday 5 December 2013.


Background Information

Every local authority in England and Wales is required to undertake a statutory review of parliamentary polling districts and places within their area every 5 years. The last such review in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (Kingston) was in 2013, meaning that the next compulsory review must now be started and completed between 1 October 2018 and 31 January 2020. 

Kingston is also currently undergoing an Electoral Review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. This is a major (and statutory) evaluation, looking at the number of councillors for Kingston, the number of wards, their boundaries and names. Final proposals resulting from this review will not be laid before Parliament until June 2020. However, we are still required by law to undertake a review of our polling districts and places before the outcome of the Electoral Review is known. Once the Electoral Review has been completed in mid-2020, a full and detailed polling district review, including the redrawing of polling districts with the new wards, will be required before the proposals are implemented for the local council elections in May 2022. 

In practice this means that there could be extensive changes to current polling districts with a percentage of the electorate being required to vote at different polling stations. With this in mind, we are very keen to minimise changes made in advance of 2022, and therefore propose to undertake a light touch review of polling districts and polling places at this stage, complying with the legal requirements of the 5 year review but solely addressing any major disparities in electorate or suitability of polling stations. An extensive full review will be conducted after the new ward structure is established.

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