Air pollution

Information for developers

The impact on air quality from new developments is considered when planning permission is being sought.

For developments where one or more of the following applies, we are likely to request that an Air Quality Assessment is carried out and submitted with the application:

  • Developments comprising 10 or more residential units
  • Developments covering an area of 1000m2 or more
  • Developments where there are sensitive receptors within 50m
  • Developments that will introduce receptors into an area where air quality objectives are already being exceeded
  • Developments that will result in a significant increase in vehicle movements e.g. a new supermarket

When carrying out an Air Quality Assessment, the following should be considered:

  • The impacts on existing receptors during the demolition/construction phase
  • The impacts on existing receptors once the development is occupied and operational
  • The impacts on future occupants of the development from exposure to the predicted levels of air quality
  • The cumulative impacts from other committed developments within the vicinity

The applicant can contact a member of the Pollution Control Team to discuss a suitable methodology for assessing the air quality impacts. Reference should also be made to the following documents and webpages as these are likely to answer many questions and provide suggestions for helping to reduce the air quality impacts from a development: