Red routes, yellow lines and other standard rules

Waiting and parking

There are standard restrictions for waiting and parking, for example, on red routes or outside schools. The Highway Code explains the rules and shows the various road markings and road signs.

Red routes

Red routes are not controlled by Kingston Council. For any information or assistance with red routes, please contact Transport for London (TfL) who are the responsible body for these roads.

Parking on yellow lines

Double yellow lines

You can't park on a double yellow line. The only exception is if you’re stopping temporarily to load or unload a vehicle or a blue badge holder.

Single yellow lines

You can park on a single yellow line outside any days or hours shown on the time plate for that stretch of the road. If only hours are shown on the time plate, the restriction applies every day of the week including bank holidays.  Single yellow lines within a controlled parking zone apply during the same hours. They won’t be individually signed unless the time restrictions are different.

Road signs giving orders

The Highway Code leaflet ‘Signs giving orders’ lists all the signs that you must obey on roads in the UK.

Footway parking

Footway or pavement parking is prohibited in most streets in London. The only exceptions are in places where a legal exemption has been made to the legislation by the council.

Sections of footway where an exemption has been made are shown by the appropriate sign at the start and end of the bay, with the area of footway where you may park with your wheels on the pavement shown by bay markings. It is an offence to park on the footway in any other locations.