Parking suspensions and dispensations

Who can apply and what we offer

Anyone who wants to park in an area where parking is restricted can apply to us for permission.

  • suspend parking spaces to allow you to park or gain access (suspension)
  • allow you to park where or when you can’t normally (dispensation)

We must be satisfied there’s a valid reason for the request, there are no reasonable alternatives for parking and it won’t cause a safety or traffic problem.

There is a fee unless the request is for a funeral when we provide up to three dispensations or suspend up to three spaces for the day without charge.

If you are requesting a parking suspension due to supporting an event please refer to our guidance on Host an Event in Kingston.

Red routes

Red routes are controlled by Transport for London (TfL). If you need a parking dispensation for a red route (eg for loading a moving van while moving home), then you can apply to TfL for a dispensation.