Corporate events

Corporate events

We offer an extensive programme of activities at the Albany Outdoors and other locations around the country. From 'action days out' to a bespoke event tailor made for your organisation - we can accommodate all levels of experience and abilities. The various opportunities are described below.

Action days out

Our action days are ideal for everyone regardless of their previous experience. Try out two activities of your choice from the following:

  • kayaking
  • open canoeing
  • team building
  • bellboating
  • dragon boating
  • raft building
  • powerboating

The day is certainly invigorating, challenging and fun.

Sailing training days and regatta days

Why not take your team on one of our sailing training days? We use crewed dinghies and include instruction from our Royal Yachting Association (RYA) qualified sailing team. Alternatively, experience a full day of dinghy training. This culminates in a race to round off a full day on the water.  The day is ideal for all levels of ability and includes instruction close at hand.

Dragon boat and bellboat events

We can organise team challenge events that help develop teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills to transfer to your workplace.  These events are an ideal icebreaker or excellent as an inter office challenge.

Bespoke programme for your company

A programme can easily be developed to meet your specific requirements, giving you the opportunity to tailor an activity day to your aims and objectives.  Our flexible approach and expertise compliment your targets resulting in successful outcomes for your staff.

Contact us to discuss further

For a sample programme of corporate activities, please contact us.