Eadweard Muybridge

General bequested material

This category is in fact one of the most interesting parts of the whole collection. When Eadweard Muybridge died in 1904 and bequeathed his moving image equipment and slides to the Kingston Museum, he left material which has proven invaluable for researchers ever since.

Since 1904, the curators of Kingston Museum have continued to collect Muybridge related material and have added it to the collection, which now contains the following:

Newspaper cuttings book

Muybridge kept an important scrapbook, documenting his life and work.  It includes cuttings from international journals such as Scientific American and La Nature, newspaper articles from local San Francisco papers and from others such as the Times of London.

Palo Alto albums of prints of experiments

Muybridge deposited with the museum two nearly identical albums of prints of the famous Palo Alto experiments, one of which is entitled "Attitudes of Animals in Motion".

Books and ephemera

Most of Muybridge's published works are in the collection at Kingston, along with other material from subsequent exhibitions around the world.

Research notes of Dr Robert Bartlett Haas

Muybridge's biographer, Robert Bartlett Haas has left with the museum a great quantity of his research notes on the photographer. Available for viewing by appointment.

Topographical prints and stereoscopic cards

There are only a few of these, since Muybridge was mainly concerned with leaving the people of Kingston his moving image equipment and material.