Town of Kings

Kingston Museum's Town of Kings Gallery was opened in November 1997 and traces the history of Kingston's people and its Royal connections from the time of the crowning of the seven Anglo-Saxon Kings through to more recent times.

Exhibits include:
  • Original 14th century boat timbers from the Thames waterfront at Kingston
  • Life size model of King Aethelstan
  • Medieval kiln reconstruction
  • 17th century traders' tokens (Kingston issuers)
  • Corporation weights and measures
  • Half scale model of Turk's Boatyard interior
  • East Surrey Regiment Militaria display
  • Local industries
  • Penny Farthing and Boneshaker
  • Borough regalia
  • Borough archives
  • Costume
  • Domestic bygones  

Saxon history

The Saxon metalwork collection is nationally important and includes three swords, about 20 spearheads and four shield bosses from the Mitcham Pagan Saxon cemetery. The museum also holds a 10th century log boat and a collection of silver pennies representing the reigns of the seven kings thought to have been crowned at Kingston.