Fostering: how it works

Do you have space in your life for a child or teenager?

We’re looking for foster carers for children of all ages, but in particular for young people over 12. 

Foster carers provide a safe place to stay for babies, children and young people aged up to 18 who are in Local Authority care.

This usually happens when their birth parents can’t look after them because of drugs, alcohol or mental health problems, or there’s been a family crisis.

We also take in children who arrive from abroad alone – they’ve often escaped from traumatic situations in their own country where they might have lost their families.

Children are looked after as part of the family in a carer’s home, either full time, or at weekends and sometimes during school holidays.

Fostering is usually a short-term arrangement before a baby is adopted, or a child returns home, moves to relatives or is adopted, but some stay in foster care until they’re 18.

As a Kingston foster carer you’ll get a generous fee and allowance, paid every four weeks while a child or young person is with you.

Most of our carers live around Kingston, so children are close to the people and places they know, and can go to the same school. If possible, we also try to match them with carers who share their cultural background.

There’s lots of training and you’ll have the full support of our fostering team.  You’ll also get the satisfaction of being part of a group of highly-valued families and individuals who provide a better start for the local children in our care.

If you’re wondering if fostering is right for you then just complete our online form or call 0800 085 7072 and we’ll call you back to talk about it.