Year of Muybridge


To celebrate Year of Muybridge, the Young People's Collective, in collaboration with Kingston Heritage Service are working with Creative Youth’s International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF) to host a creative competition in response to Muybridge’s work. Winners will be displayed as part of Kingston Museum’s Muybridge Co-Curate exhibition later in the year and as part of IYAF 2021. We would like to invite anyone aged 5-25 to submit their own artwork to the Muy-Art competition. Submissions should respond to one of the selected photos taken by Eadweard Muybridge, one of Kingston's most renowned photographers.


Entry Requirements

Please be creative with your entries! You can use any medium, as long as your work responds to one of the five Muybridge works. For example, you could write a poem or story, create an illustration, design a poster ... or anything else you can think of!

Click here to view the Muy-Art Submission Pack.

Unfortunately, we can't accept moving images (film or animation) for this competition, due to restrictions with displaying the work.

Your artwork must fill the full frame of the image submitted, the photo or scanned imaged shouldn't include you holding the image. If you have created a sculpture etc. please position this in front of a plain background ie. a white wall.

Artwork will be displayed between A2 and A1 sizes. Please ensure all submissions are a minimum of 2000x1400px in order to retain quality. If submissions are not of a good enough quality they may not be accepted.

The entry deadline is 12 September 2020 at 23:59. Any submission entered after this will not be entered into the competition.

Any submissions from those outside of the ages 5-25 will not be considered. If an application is found to have been fraudulently submitted, that submission will be disqualified.

All entries to the competition must be submitted via the Google form. Email entries will not be considered. If you have any problems submitting your entry via the Google form, please contact a member of the Heritage Service team for assistance.


The Young People's Collective

The Young People's Collective is a network of 16-25 year olds, focusing on creating heritage themed content aimed specifically at young people in Kingston. They collaborate on a range of creative projects and are self-led, with support from Kingston Heritage Service.

With the YPC you will get to:

  • Design and lead on your own projects
  • Get involved with local heritage projects
  • Professional training
  • Create industry contacts

The YPC meet on the final Saturday of each month between 14:30-15:30. If you would like to know more or are interested in joining, please contact [email protected]