Year of Muybridge


To celebrate the 190th birthday of a motion picture pioneer, Eadweard Muybridge, Kingston Museum is collecting lots of people's interesting opinions about the life and work of Muybridge. The first opinion is from Gary Oldman, a world-famous actor and Muybridge fan. Why don't you join him and tell us what you think?

  • What do you like about Muybridge?
  • Are there any ways Muybridge inspires you?
  • Is there anything you don't like about him?
  • What do you think Muybridge did well?
  • If you could meet Muybridge now, what would you say to him?


Please send us a short video message (between 10-20 seconds), filmed in portrait to [email protected] and we will share a selection weekly on the Kingston Heritage Service Twitter and Instagram pages every #MuybridgeMonday.

All videos should start:

Hi I’m ______ [from organisation if appropriate] and Muy-Opinion on Muybridge is…

Some ideas are...

  • He was an innovator

  • He took beautiful photographs

  • He made great developments in photography and animation

  • He was brave travelling to places that were being newly explored


To out more about Muybridge's life, please see 'Meet Muybridge', Kingston Museum's guide with all the must-know facts.