Integrated Offender Management

Referral and decision process

A summary of the referral and decision process for Integrated Offender Management (IOM):

  1. The referrer completes the IOM referral form and forwards it to the IOM coordinator.
  2. The referral form is distributed to the core panel of the IOM group.
  3. The individual is considered by the panel at the IOM meeting.
  4. The individual is accepted as an IOM nominal (or if not accepted go to step eight).
  5. Actions, which will reduce the risk of reoffending identified and implemented.
  6. The individual continues to have a reduced risk of re-offending.
  7. The risk of reoffending is reduced. The IOM subject is removed after consideration by the core panel.
  8. End (or if new information suggests that there is an increased risk of re-offending go back to step three).