Integrated Offender Management

How Integrated Offender Management works in Kingston

A summary of how Integrated Offender Management (IOM) works in Kingston.

Jobcentre Plus

All claimants have a one to one meeting with a named advisor who will work with them throughout a claim. Services on offer include:

  • review of CVs and advice on training courses, education and work experience opportunities
  • advice and financial support for claimants looking to set up their own business
  • Early Entry to Work Programme aimed specifically at prison leavers
  • a Flexible Support Fund to pay for travel to interviews, clothing for interviews and travel costs on starting work

Housing Services

Housing Services can offer advice on housing options and the housing register.

Kingston Wellbeing Service

A dedicated team of recovery practitioners in Kingston Wellbeing Service assess needs and work to identify the most appropriate support. The service works from a variety of locations, including in police custodies and courts and can:

  • inform and advise on reducing the harm caused by drug and alcohol use
  • refer to treatment services based on individual needs, such as prescribing, day programmes, group work, one-to-one sessions and counselling
  • link with peer advocates who can advocate and support individuals into treatment services

Police and probation

Police and probation work closely together to monitor and manage offenders. Each IOM offender is given an explanation of the IOM scheme and what is expected of them. They are fully supported and guided however should an offender decline to engage with the scheme and continue to be involved in criminal activity and commit crime, they will be subjected to focused scrutiny/activity to disrupt their criminal lifestyles.