Integrated Offender Management

We work closely with our partners and agencies from the public, private and voluntary sectors in Kingston to stop or reduce identified offenders within the borough from reoffending.

Working with partners

A panel made up of partners meets monthly to decide who should be an Integrated Offender Management (IOM) referral. The panel decides what actions and interventions should be put in place to help prevent or reduce offending and monitor the effect.

The current membership of the panel includes the following partners:
  • Kingston Probation
  • Kingston Police
  • Kingston Council (Housing Service)
  • Kingston Gateway Service (Health and Wellbeing)
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Safer Kingston Partnership
  • Hestia Mentoring


Potential actions and interventions are considered against pathways of reoffending:
  • attitudes, thinking and behaviour
  • accommodation
  • education, training and employment
  • health
  • drugs and alcohol
  • finance, benefits and debt
  • children and families
  • associates
  • social exclusion
  • experience of domestic violence (women only)
  • involvement in prostitution (women only)

IOM is intended to be a short term intervention for the majority of referrals. It should be considered as an additional intervention to support any work the referring agency or partner is already delivering.

Strategic group

In addition to the monthly panel, the IOM Strategic Group is made up of senior officers and representatives from each of the partners. The group meets four times a year to problem-solve and ensure that the strategic objectives and performance of IOM is tracked in the borough.

Making a referral

A referral can be made by any of the partners or agencies represented on the IOM panel. In addition, any other recognised voluntary organisation or body which is delivering services and has signed up to the Information Sharing Protocol can make a referral.

For more information, you can contact either us or Kingston and Richmond Probation.