Local police and community safety

Safer Neighbourhood Board

Request informationThis content is hosted here on behalf of the Kingston Safer Neighbourhood Board, which is an independent organisation separate from Kingston Council and Kingston Police.

Your Safer Neighbourhood Board helps you to engage with our local police and ensures the police remain accountable to the local community. It also works to ensure our police focus on the priorities of the local community. It is independent of the Council and the police.

Get involved

Apply to be a Safer Neighbourhood Board community member

There are no vacancies at present.

Attend public meetings

You can attend the regular meetings of the board to help:

  • establish local policing and crime priorities
  • monitor police performance and confidence
  • monitor data about complaints against borough officers
  • provide assurance that a system of independent custody visiting is delivered
  • play a significant role in Community Payback
  • ensure all wards have a functioning Ward Panel
  • oversee the Borough's Independent Advisory Group
  • support Neighbourhood Watch
  • ensure the Stop and Search community monitoring function is delivered

Your Safer Neighbourhood Board also monitors complaints from victims of crime, it will:

  • monitor data identifying the frequency and types of complaints received, how they've been discharged and the time taken to reach resolution
  • promote and publish access to the system
  • include victim representation on the board to provide specific insights and knowledge


Your board will not deal with specific, individual victim complaints but the members may decide to invite victims to speak at a board meeting to help the board when monitoring complaints.

Receive updates

You can subscribe to Safer Neighbourhood updates. You'll then get regular emails about the latest meeting and other Safer Neighbourhood issues. Past updates are also available to read online.