Antisocial behaviour

How to deal with antisocial behaviour

1. Try speaking to the people causing the problem

Before making a report about antisocial behaviour, you can try some of the following:
  • try speaking to the people that are causing the problem in a calm manner - they might not realise that it is affecting you
  • contact neighbours who may also be concerned and are prepared to help
  • keep a diary of events (including the date, time and problem) this can be vital intelligence in helping to support prosecutions or interventions
  • contact your local police (dial 101 if it is not an emergency) 
  • consider launching a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

2.  Report the antisocial behaviour to the council, police or relevant organisation

You can report some forms of antisocial behaviour with us online – such as abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, graffiti and noise.

If the antisocial behaviour relates to council property, or other registered social landlord (housing association) property, please contact the housing officer who covers your area.

For other kinds of antisocial behaviour, such as criminal activity, you should contact the police - use 101 if it is not an emergency (call 999 if it is an emergency).

3. If the antisocial behaviour issues aren't resolved, use the community trigger

If you've reported about the same problem three or more times and are not satisfied, the police, the Council and registered housing providers (social landlords) may be required to review their response under the community trigger scheme. Read more about using the community trigger.