Safer Kingston Partnership

The Safer Kingston Partnership Plan

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is already one of the safest London boroughs in which to live, work, visit or be educated. Our vision is that everyone should both be safe and feel safe in Kingston. This plan sets out how SKP will work with the business, voluntary and community sectors to reduce crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and reoffending. It aims to reduce the number of crimes and anti-social behaviour in the borough, but in some categories, it aims to increase awareness and reporting. By increasing reporting and therefore recording, we will then be able to offer appropriate support to those victims and take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

It is a living, working document and the priorities represent a real but realistic challenge for the lead agencies and other groups and organisations contributing to the delivery. The priorities and key objectives set out in this plan are based upon an assessment of crime and disorder issues across the Borough and reflect the views of the community on matters that need to be prioritised. 

The priorities identified in the strategic assessment have been grouped into the following themes:

  1. Safer Neighbourhoods - this priority looks at the crimes and antisocial behaviour that are the most concerning to residents.

  2. Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence/ Violence Against Women and Girls 

  3. Protect and support the vulnerable  - create a more person-centred approach to vulnerability and victimisation. 

  4. Serious violence 

  5. Promote community cohesion - standing together against hate, extremism and terror in all its forms

In addition to the priorities we recognise that drivers of crime are complex and that drugs and alcohol play a large part in reoffending. We will consider these and work collaboratively to address the many challenges that offenders face. Reducing reoffending is everyone's business. 

Please email us to request a copy of the full Plan.