Invite the Mayor to your event


The Mayor attends your event as the First Citizen of the Borough and not as a representative of the Council. When the Mayor arrives, please introduce him/her to the host. Please ensure the host accompanies the Mayor throughout the visit.


When addressing the Mayor please say “Mr Mayor” or “Madam Mayor”. If you have formal seating arrangements (for example, dinners, luncheons, meetings and social events) seat the Mayor on the immediate right of the host or chairperson.  However, if a member of the Royal Family or the Queen's Representative is present, they have precedence over the Mayor.

Church Services

If the Mayor is attending a church service, please meet the Mayor’s party at the entrance and escort them to the front pew on the right hand side (facing the front of the Church) of the centre aisle. The only exception is at a Funeral service when the Mayor takes the front pew on the left to allow the family mourners to sit on the right.


If you would like the Mayor to speak at your event you must let us know beforehand. At a formal lunch or dinner where toasts are to be made and the Mayor is due to speak, the Mayor should be invited to propose or respond to the First Toast after the Loyal Toast.  The formal Toast to the Royal Borough may be omitted. If the Mayor is not making a formal speech and there are to be toasts, a Formal Toast should be made to the Royal Borough immediately after the Loyal Toast to which the Mayor will then respond formally with a toast to the organisation.

For luncheons a copy of the proposed Toast list should be sent to us with the completed Function Information Sheet.  If this is not possible, it should reach the Mayor's Office at least two weeks before the event.  

Deputy Mayor

If the Deputy Mayor attends as the Mayor's representative these protocols still apply.

Changes to protocol

If you need to change these protocols please contact us before the event so we can discuss the changes with the Mayor.