Strategic housing programme

Older and vulnerable people’s housing review

Until recently, we have lacked a strategy for older and vulnerable people’s housing. Older people are a growing segment of Kingston’s population with increasingly diverse needs and expectations as the ‘baby boomer’ generation reaches older age. More than one in four of Kingston’s population is aged 55 or over, one in eight is aged 65 or over and one in fifty is aged 85 or over.

Housing and support problems also affect people with physical or learning disabilities, and those with mental health needs. Young people in care and approaching adulthood are another potentially vulnerable group, as are young people with physical or learning disabilities. Though total numbers are small, needs are diverse.

It was agreed in 2012 that a strategic review should be undertaken to address the needs of these groups, for whom in many cases we have a statutory duty. Kingston’s Annual Housing Conference 2012 had a strong influence on the scope of the review.

As a result, the Older and Vulnerable Peoples’ Housing Strategy Review was undertaken. This was one of several ‘One Kingston’ projects taking place. The project ran from May 2013 to March 2014, led by Housing Services.

The project aimed to help us to understand the housing needs of these groups through to 2020 in order to make more informed decisions about future housing supply including the future role of our sheltered housing.