Kingston Housing Strategy

Kingston Housing Strategy 2015-2020

The Kingston Housing Strategy sets out our ambitions and objectives for the Housing Service over the next five years.

Between now and 2020 we will experience enormous change and challenges, and amongst those is the reduction in social housing rents. From April 2016, councils and housing associations across the country will have to reduce social housing rents by one per cent each year for the next four years.

In Kingston alone it will equate to a reduction in our housing budget of £9.5 million – that's 10 per cent of our entire housing budget. If we are to protect the housing services local people most rely on, we will have to rethink the way those services are managed and delivered.

Despite these financial pressures,we are still committed to delivering an ambitious estates regeneration programme, to provide higher quality homes for local people and increase the supply of much needed new houses in the borough.