Listening to you - our Resident Engagement Plan

Connect with Housing - our resident engagement plan

What you feel and think about your housing is important as it helps us shape our priorities and future plans.

As part of our housing transformation programme, we considered the ways you can tell us what you think. In 2013, we began by investigating resident participation. We looked at the way we talk to you. We carried out surveys and interviews to find out more. You can read more about what we found on our Review of resident involvement page.

The review helped us bring together our first resident engagement plan. This plan sets out what we should do to make it easier for you to tell us what you think. One of the things we are working on is new ways for residents to get involved through panels, online forums and activities.

You can get involved through:
  • sheltered housing panel and new online forum
  • leaseholder panel and new online forum
  • new repairs panel
  • new communications online forum
  • new readers’ forum (email group)
  • new estate advocates
  • new estate standards monitoring
  • new disabled residents’ audit of housing