Tenant Finder Service

If you're a private landlord or letting agent in the borough, you can apply to rent your properties through the council. We currently work with around 400 letting agents and landlords and have established a large and successful letting service.

We need properties that:

  • have two or three bedrooms
  • are in a good state of repair 
  • are within the borough or nearby

Unfortunately we have no need for: 

  • properties with shared facilities
  • properties with more than four bedrooms 
  • properties with a letting period of less than 12 months

Renting your property through us is quicker, easier and cheaper than doing it independently. We offer:

  • no fees or commission
  • cash incentive payments
  • choice of tenants
  • low void periods
  • a comprehensive property inspection
  • a dedicated and experienced officer to assist you and your tenant

How it works:

  • we visit your property and assess it for repairs
  • we assess potential tenants 
  • you choose your own tenants from households referred by us
  • we arrange a number of viewings so you have a choice of potential tenants
  • once you're happy, we'll help you and the tenant with the sign up process
  • we'll make sure your tenant is helped to submit a housing benefit application
  • we'll ask that benefits are paid directly into your bank account

We help with the tenants' deposit and pay a non-returnable cash incentive.  The incentive varies, it depends on the size and location of your property and our current needs.

You can contact us to arrange a visit to your property. We'll see if it's suitable and give you an idea of what rent could be achieved. You have no obligation to rent it to us after the visit.