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Private Leasing Scheme

If you're a private landlord we can offer you a full property management service, guaranteeing you rent.

Under our Private Leasing Scheme you can lease your property to us for one to three years and we become your tenant. We manage the property for you and guarantee your rent during the lease.

The Private Leasing Scheme offers you:

  • a guaranteed rent
  • no void periods and no rent loss
  • no sign-up or rental management fees
  • ongoing and free property management
  • cash incentives

You will be responsible for the upkeep of structure and services to the property but we will be responsible for most day-to-day repairs and ensuring a household is placed in your property. 

Contact us to arrange a visit to your property. You have no obligation to rent through us after the visit.

If you are already using our Private Leasing Scheme to let your property you may be eligible for a referral fee if you recommend a landlord to us that results in a new lease through our scheme.