Leaseholder repairs

Repairs we take care of

We repair and look after the structure and communal areas of your flat, block or building or grounds. This includes:

  • lifts
  • chimney stacks
  • roof
  • foundation
  • timber and joists
  • beams
  • rainwater and soil pipes
  • sewers and drains serving more than one property
  • shared water service pipes serving more than one property 
  • heating and hot water services for leases granted before January 1988 unless you have agreed to maintain them yourself
  • communal heating systems such as night storage heaters
  • exterior wall
  • external decoration
  • internal communal areas such as stairs/landings
  • communal windows and doors
  • communal gardens, paths, walkways gates and fences
  • communal grounds and parking areas
  • electricity supply will in most cases be the responsibility of the electricity company although in some cases is ours
  • gas supplies will only be our responsibility when there is a bulk metered supply still in use

    Report a repair

    You can let us know that a repair is needed through our online system. (For emergency, structural, heating or hot water repairs please contact us.)

    Complain about repairs

    Contact us if you report a repair that doesn’t get done or isn’t done very well. We will tell you the next step.