Your service charge

What the charge covers and when to pay

We look after the structure and communal areas of the block or building, or grounds - anything that isn’t inside your flat or maisonette.  We charge you for this through the service charge. It covers things like:
  • building insurance
  • caretaking services
  • grounds maintenance
  • heating, lighting and cleaning of communal areas
  • centrally supplied heating and hot water systems
  • lift maintenance
You aren’t required to contribute towards services and repairs that we provide for the sole benefit of any of our tenants in the building.

When to pay

Most leaseholders in the borough pay the service charge twice a year – on 1 April and 1 October. You pay six months in advance so the bill you pay is an estimate based on the average charge for the past three years. It also sets out how much we expect things to cost.

In September, the actual bill for the past year is calculated. We send you a summary of the actual costs. Any overpayments will be credited to you and any underpayments will be debited.

Within six months of receiving the summary of actual costs, you have the right to ask us if you can inspect their invoices and receipts to see how your service charge has been calculated. You have a right to see them if you wish.