Rent out your home

If you want to rent out your property (sublet) you need to:
  • let us know - so we can check it is allowed and notify our insurers if you live in a flat (otherwise any claim you may make on our building insurance may be invalid)
  • tell us your contact address so we can write to you about your service charge, repair issues and to tell you about major works
  • provide details of your tenants and their contact information
  • make sure your tenants keep to the terms of your lease when living in the property, as you are responsible for their behaviour
  • check if you need approval from your mortgage lenders
You don’t usually have to get our permission to rent out your property if:
  • you purchased your home under the Right to Buy scheme
  • you are only renting a room in your flat (you have a lodger); and you remain living in the flat
You will not normally be allowed to sublet if:
  • you purchased under a shared ownership scheme and do not yet own 100 per cent of the property (ie you are still paying rent)
  • you have breached the terms of your lease agreement and are subject to a possession order
You can find advice on being a landlord within our section on Landlords and homeowners.