Swap your home - mutual exchange

Who can exchange and what can be exchanged

Swapping homes (tenancies) is the quickest way to move home if you’re a council or housing association tenant. You can swap homes with other social housing tenants in the borough or anywhere across the country.

To exchange, you must be a secure council tenant or an assured or secure housing association tenant.   

If you’re in sheltered housing, you can only swap tenancies with other sheltered tenants. But there are no restrictions for other tenants.

You can swap to a different type of property, for example, from a flat to a house and you can choose a property with an extra bedroom or adapted for a disabled person.

Who can’t exchange?

You can’t apply to us for permission to exchange unless:   
  • any rent you owe us is repaid
  • any outstanding repairs to the property are done (including those that are your responsibility)
  • the condition of your property is satisfactory