Bid for homes in other London boroughs (Housing Moves)

Council and housing association tenants up to date with their rent can apply to bid for homes in another London borough through the Housing Moves website.  You need to have a secure or assured tenancy to apply.

It’s similar to bidding for properties in the borough with the Choice-based lettings scheme, but the priority for housing people is slightly different.

And you don’t need to be on the borough’s Housing Register.

Priority groups

Your chances of bidding successfully for homes through Housing Moves are higher if you:
  • have more bedrooms than you need and wish to downsize
  • are in work or training
  • want to relocate to give care

How to apply

Go to the Housing Moves website to register. Once registered, you will be able to bid for suitable homes.  The website provides all the information you need.

If you successfully bid for a property and accept it, you will need to end your council tenancy.