Join the housing register

Move to a different property

How to move to a new council house

If you are a council or housing association tenant who wants to move, you’ll have to apply to join the Housing Register, unless you transfer using Mutual Exchange or another scheme.

If your household composition has changed, a new member has entered the household or someone has left, you need to update your application to the Housing Register online.

You can provide any supporting information about your need to move to the Housing Allocation Team & complete a new Housing Needs Assessment form.

If you are an existing Council or Housing Association tenant, renting privately or living with family or friends or in any other circumstances and needing a move you can apply to the Housing Register.

If you are living in accommodation provided by the Council as temporary accommodation you can contact the Housing Allocations Office email at [email protected] or you can reach us on 0208 547 5125.

Moving to another borough

Homefinder UK advertises social housing properties from across the UK. Homefinder UK aims to help homeless households and social housing tenants find a home anywhere within social housing.

Seaside & Country Homes scheme helps social housing tenants move from London to seaside and countryside locations. The scheme is open to people living in council or housing association properties in London where at least one member of the household is age 55 or above.

Apply to Homefinder

Exchange properties with another household

Swapping homes (tenancies) is the quickest way to move home if you’re a council or housing association tenant. You can swap homes with other social housing tenants in the borough or anywhere across the country.  

If you’re in sheltered housing, you can only swap tenancies with other sheltered tenants.

You can swap to a different type of property, for example, from a flat to a house and you can choose a property with an extra bedroom or adapted for a disabled person. You can also swap homes with a council or housing association tenant in a different part of the country.

To register your home for an exchange you can provide your property details and the accommodation you seek on following exchange websites Homeswapper and/or House exchange

Shared Ownership

The new Queenshurst Square development, close to Kingston Station and the town centre, will offer one, two and three bedroom homes available for shared ownership.

27 one and two bedrooms homes will be available from 8 June 2018 and another 28 one, two and three bedroom properties are due to be available in January 2019.

Consideration will be given to those who are on our housing register and have expressed an interest in ownership opportunities. You can apply to join the housing register

You will need to have the necessary income and savings to purchase a property on a shared ownership basis. Find out more at

Other ways to move

There are other options for movng depending your situation