Report a change in circumstances

Re-registering on the Housing Register (the waiting list)

Our new Housing Allocations Scheme means that all households currently on the Housing Register are now required to re-register. To do this, please fill in the 'report a change in circumstances' form by Friday 28 July. You will need your unique user ID and password to do this. If you are not sure what your ID or password are, please email, and

We are updating Home Connections, our choice-based lettings bidding system, from Monday 3 July to Friday 7 July. This means there will be no bidding taking place during that week. 

Report any other change in circumstance 

If you are on the Housing Register, you will need to tell us:

  • about any changes to your household
  • if you no longer want to be on the Housing Register

If you need to change your application for any reason, such as having a new baby or moving home, go to the Report change in circumstances form and update your circumstances. We will then notify you if this changes your priority or eligibility criteria.

If you change your phone number or email address, please let us know using the Report mini change in circumstances form.

If you move, you will need to reapply to join the Housing Register and we will review your new housing circumstances. If you stay in the same band, your priority date will remain the same.