Join the housing register

Housing priority

When you apply to join the Housing Register, we look at your application and work out your priority for housing, using our housing allocation rules.

We look at things like:

  • your current housing situation
  • the needs and welfare of your household

If anyone in your household is ill or disabled and this is being made worse by your current housing situation, the council medical advisor will help us decide your priority.

If you’re an existing tenant, we’ll look at what kind of property you want to move from and to.

We put all households into one of five bands from 1 to 5 based on their priority for housing.

Priority bands

Band 1 is for emergencies only and will only be used to avert an immediate risk of injury or threat to life. Band 2 will be households with the highest priority for housing.

The Band the council places you into will depend on your household's individual circumstances.

Find out your priority band

Take our self assessment questionnaire (Should I apply for housing?) to find out your chances of getting housing. It takes a couple of minutes. You also get an indication of your priority band and what your next step should be.