Join the housing register

Who can apply to join the Housing Register and types of housing

People living in the borough

Anyone aged 16 and over and who normally lives in the borough can apply to join the Housing Register. However, you must have resided in the borough for 5 continuous years before your application. You don’t usually have a right to join the Housing Register if you need permission to enter the UK.  

People living outside the borough

If you live outside the borough you can only join the Housing Register if:

  • you or your partner are in the armed forces or have left within the last five years
  • you’re in hospital or prison and your previous address was in the borough
  • we’ve placed you in temporary homeless accommodation within or outside the borough
  • you’re seeking sheltered housing and your borough has nominated you
  • our adult social care team or our children’s social care team are helping to re-house you

Types of housing

If you’re on the Housing Register, you can put your name down (bid) for:

  • council and housing association homes
  • sheltered housing for older people
  • pitches on the Swallow Park gypsy and traveller site
  • low cost home ownership schemes

You don’t have to apply separately to the nine housing associations who share the Kingston Housing Register.  Other housing associations with properties in the borough ask us to nominate people for most of their homes.

If you’re offered the property and you view it, you get 24 hours to decide if you want to accept it.