Join the housing register

Apply to join the Housing Register

Quick Guide to applying for housing

  1. Apply to join the Housing Register
    Having completed the self assessment you can apply to join the Housing Register by completing our online application process. Anyone in your household with an illness or disability made worse by your current housing should also fill in a medical assessment form. 
  2. Bid for properties
    If you are accepted on the Housing Register, you can put your name down for suitable properties we advertise. We call this bidding. You can do this online.
  3. Wait for a property offer
    We offer each property to the highest priority bidder that has waited the longest (people with a low priority for housing may never get an offer).
  4. Accept a property offer
    If you’re offered the property and you view it, you get 24 hours to decide if you want to accept it

How to apply

To apply to join the housing register please complete the Housing Register online application.

Housing Register application form

If you cannot complete your registration form and need to return to it later, click on the finish later button and make a note of the temporary reference number. The partially completed form will be saved for a maximum of 10 days. When you are ready to complete the form your can return to your saved registration form

Any medical issues? 

 This medical assessment form is designed to identify the housing needs of applicants whose present accommodation is not helping their medical condition or disability, or who are homeless.

Please DO NOT fill in this form if your disability, health or housing problems are one or more of the following;  

  • You are pregnant or have a problem with your current pregnancy that is likely to improve once you have had the baby.  
  • You have an illness or injury that is likely to get better with treatment, for example if you are recovering from surgery.  
  • Your housing problems are solely due to the state of disrepair in your home for example damp, condensation; lift breakdown, pest or rodent infestation. 
  • Your housing problems are because of anti-social behaviour, neighbour problems. 

Contact your landlord or housing manager and discuss how to resolve these issues.  

Medical Assessment From

Your form and documents will be passed to our Medical Advisor for advice on the appropriate medical award – major/adverse, high, and low or none. You may also wish to provide us with contact information for medical professionals in case we need to make further enquiries

What happens after you apply?

Once you’ve completed your Housing Register application, it will be assigned to a Housing Options Officer to review and validate. We aim to turn around decisions on Housing Register applications within five working days, however, this may be longer if additional evidence is required or further investigations are necessary. 

We’ll let you know if we need more information. If we have everything we need, we’ll make a decision and we’ll write to you.

If we accept you on to the Housing Register, we’ll send you a registration letter confirming:

  • your priority band for housing
  • your priority date for that band – usually the day we got your application
  • the size of property we’ve registered you for
  • the mobility category you’re registered for
  • your User ID and personal identification number (PIN) to bid for homes online

We’ll also enclose a guide to bidding for homes (User Guide for Choice Based Lettings).

You will need to let us know if anything changes that could affect your priority on the Housing Register.

Report a change in circumstance 

It is your responsibility to maintain your Register entry. Failure to do so may mean that you miss an offer of accommodation or are removed from the Register. You will be able to access your entry online and we will issue you with a registration number and login details. You should report any changes to your household, living arrangements or medical needs, and update your entry with any changes of address, email or telephone number.

Once you have updated your record, your entry will initially be suspended whilst we reactivate your account. During this period you will not be able to bid for any accommodation, so we would recommend that you make any bids before updating your record.

If your application is rejected

We’ll write and tell you if we can’t accept your application and why. You will only be turned down if you aren’t eligible for housing according to our allocations policy. We’ll also tell you how to appeal if you want to. You usually have 21 days to do this.

Cancelling your application

If you would like to cancel your application please email [email protected]