Join the housing register

Quick guide to applying for housing

If you want to rent council or housing association homes in the borough, you’ll need to apply to join our waiting list, known as the Housing Register.

  1. Find out your chances of getting housing
    First read more about the process within these web pages then take our self assessment questionnaire ‘Should I apply for housing?’ This will give you a clear idea of your chances of getting housing in your circumstances and if it’s worth going on to step two.
  2. Apply to join the Housing Register
    Having completed the self assessment you can apply to join the Housing Register by completing our online application process. Anyone in your household with an illness or disability made worse by your current housing should also fill in a medical assessment form.
  3. Bid for properties
    If you are accepted on the Housing Register, you can put your name down for suitable properties we advertise. We call this bidding. You can do this online.
  4. Wait for a property offer
    We offer each property to the highest priority bidder that has waited the longest (people with a low priority for housing may never get an offer).
  5. Accept a property offer
    If you’re offered the property and you view it, you get 24 hours to decide if you want to accept it.