Library computers

Conditions for use and website access

Conditions for using computer and internet use including accessing our public wireless network from your laptop or other devices:

You must not:

  • carry out any criminal activity – it is your responsibility to keep within the law
  • email or access anything that is obscene, violent or offensive
  • copy or download any material (including music, lyrics and photographs) without permission
  • tamper with the settings or configuration of our computers

All use is at your own risk. We are not responsible, for example, for the loss of any of your computer files or the information you access.

Action we may take

If library staff become aware of anyone misusing the computer, their session will be terminated. In serious cases, they will report it to the police, and they may be prosecuted.

We will also ban you from using computers and the internet if you:

  • are found to be viewing websites deemed to be unsuitable or offensive
  • do not pay outstanding charges
  • show threatening or confrontational behaviour towards staff or other library users

Website access

The Council – not library staff – decides what content the public can and can’t see and what should be filtered.

In general, sites that are blocked could contain pornography, threats, or violence. This may mean some war-related sites aren’t accessible. However, this doesn’t guarantee that unsuitable sites will accidentally be viewed.

If you think that a blocked website should be accessible or that a website should be blocked, please put your request to a member of staff. The Council will then review this.

FTP sites are generally restricted by our firewall and libraries have no control over this. However some FTP sites may be available.