Library computers

Booking and charges

You don’t need to book but it is recommended. The first hour for all users is free. The charge then is £1.50 for half an hour.

People who can provide proof they are in receipt of JSA looking for work or applying for benefits can get an additional hour free.

Advance booking and time allowances

The minimum booking is half an hour.

You can:

  • book up to seven days in advance
  • book up to three sessions

I you’re a library member, you can self book for up to two hours a day. (Charges apply)

We do not usually restrict computer use once in branch so your session can be further extended beyond two hours.(Subject to availability)

How to book a library computer

You can book:

  • using the library selfservice
  • at the library counter
  • by phoning the library

Under 18s must ask a member of staff to make the booking.

If you’re late

If you don’t log on within five minutes of your start time, the booking is automatically cancelled and the time deducted from your daily allowance.