Fees and charges

Fees and hire charges

Fees and charges

Overdue book or audio book

  • 27p a day (days the library is open) up to maximum £10per item if left unresolved.  If renewed a new loan period starts and liable to generating a new fine if overdue
  • no late return charges for members over 75 or children and teen stock
  • 24 hour renewals available via the web or by phoning 020 8547 5006.
  • items may be renewed unseen up to five times.

Overdue reminders

  • anyone, including a child, can be charged £1.80 if a second overdue reminder is sent in the post  

DVDs, CDs and language courses

  • you pay further hire fees if you return these late (they can’t be renewed)
  • the maximum you can be charged is £10

Hire charges  

Music CD

  • 50p a week

Audiobook CD, playaway or cassette

  • £1.20 for three week loan on adult stock only 


  • £1.50 a week or £1 if the DVD is over six months old
  • children’s DVDs are £1 a week or £1.50 for a feature film
  • DVD box sets - £4 a week 

Language CD

  • £2 for three week loan

Music scores and sets, one month loan

  • £10 for up to 25 copies
  • £18 for 26 to 50 copies
  • £24 for 51 copies or more