Fees and charges

Free items and reservation fees

Free items


  • books and e-books are free for all library members to borrow
  • spoken word adult CDs are free for 60s and over, those registered blind or partially sighted and disabled people 
  • no charge for children and teenage spoken word items

Under 18s

  • all items from the children’s library are free apart from DVDs 
  • there are no charges for returning items late apart from DVDs or items from the adult library
  • your parent or guardian is responsible for paying your charges

Reservation fees

Any item from the adult library (includes all DVDs, music score sets and adult graphic novels)

  • 90p

 Items subsequently purchased

  • £1.50 

Any items not available in the London library consortium

  • £3.75 from Inter Lending Scheme
  • £15 from the British Library