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Music lesson prices, timings and how to apply

 You can choose music lessons at any one of our music centres. Lessons take place in the evening or at weekends.

Our music centres:


Lesson prices from September 2019

Prices are for ten, one to one lessons, per term. 

One to one music lessons for children under 18 cost:

  • 20 minutes (for beginners) is £149 per term
  • 30 minutes (for intermediate) is £217 per term
  • 40 minutes (for advanced) is £290 per term

Group lessons for children under 18:

  • 30 minute paired lesson is £95 per term
  • 30 minute group lesson (3 in a group) is £75 per term

Family lessons (ukulele, guitar, singing and percussion only)

  • 30 minute family lesson (one adult and up to 3 children) is £240 per term.

* additional discounts for larger groups are available where these can be set up.

Further details about lessons for adults

Apply for music lessons

Before applying for music lessons please read our terms and conditions. Then complete the online form. Once we have received your application we will contact you with further information, including how you can pay.

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