Travel plans for businesses

Businesses and workplaces are required to develop a travel plan as a condition of planning consent for an expansion or new development.

A workplace travel plan manages the transport and travel impacts of a workplace. It involves a package of practical measures designed to encourage your employees and visitors to travel to and from your site by sustainable modes of transport.

Travel plans usually:
  • improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists (showers, lockers and cycle parking)
  • promote and subsidise the use of public transport
  • encourage car shares, working from home and teleconferencing
Even if your business is not planning a development, it is a good idea to create a travel plan as they:
  • reduce congestion and pollution in the area
  • help your business spend less on car parking facilities
  • can save your employees money and improve their health by promoting cycling and walking
  • show your commitment to corporate social responsibility

We can help you develop a workplace travel plan - contact the Smarter Travel Team.