Penalty charge notices - parking, moving traffic and bus lane penalties

When you can get a penalty notice

We are responsible for enforcing the borough’s parking and traffic regulations including bus lanes. From September 2013, we are also responsible for moving traffic enforcement. Read more on moving traffic enforcement.

We do this through the use of civil enforcement officers and closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, for which we have a code of practice.

You only get a penalty notice if you break one of the parking regulations (known as a contravention code). It will tell you on the notice what code you have contravened.

The most common penalty charge notice we issue is a parking ticket. We also issue penalty charge notices if you use a bus lane when you shouldn’t and our bus lane cameras have captured you doing so.

Parking our civil enforcement officers don’t control

Red routes

We don’t control parking on red routes. This is enforced by Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police Service traffic wardens.

Parking on council housing estates

Parking on housing estates is not enforced by our civil enforcement officers.  Our estate offices deal with this.