Parking for disabled and older people

Disabled parking bays

Apply for a parking bay near your home

If it is difficult to find on-street parking near your home, we may be able to provide a disabled parking bay near to where you live. The parking bay will not be your personal bay (any other vehicle displaying a Blue Badge can use the bay) but it should increase your ability to live independently.

Strict criteria have to be observed before a bay can be provided. For example, individual parking bays are not normally provided within a controlled parking zone as blue badge holders can park for free in any permit bay (excluding car club bays), pay and display, meter or shared use bays.

Your application for a parking bay will be considered jointly by our transport team and our adult services team. The information you provide is strictly confidential. 

We consider:

  • the nature and extent of your disability
  • the local street environment
  • accessibility to your residence
  • any relevant traffic regulations or Traffic Management Orders
  • the effect on safety, traffic flow and access for other road users
  • whether the bay would unreasonably deny parking space to other residents

An Occupational Therapist will also make a full assessment of your mobility needs.

You can apply on-line for a disabled person's parking bay.

Who may apply?

You may apply for a disabled parking bay

if you are under 65 and:

  • you have a severe and permanent mobility disability and
  • you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance

or if you are over 65 and:

  • you are unable to walk more than 20 metres

and all of the following apply to you

  • you are the holder of a Disabled Person's Blue Badge
  • you are the main driver of a vehicle which is kept at your address
  • you do not have access to an off-street parking area
  • you are living in a street where it is difficult to park outside your home
  • there are no other means of overcoming the problem and you can demonstrate that the lack of a bay has a considerable impact on your ability to live independently

How long will it take?

We process your application as quickly as we can. Mobility assessments are carried out within 16 weeks from receipt of your application. We will contact you directly to arrange the assessment.

If your application is successful we need to publish a Traffic Management Order before marking out the bay. Traffic Management Orders are usually published twice a year. Unfortunately this can delay the bay being installed.