Rent a garage

Signing the garage rental agreement

Viewing the garage

Once we've received your request, if everything is ok, we'll contact you and arrange for you to sign up to the garage. You may wish to view the garage or location prior to signing up. Please note that it is not possible to take the garage keys before signing a rental agreement. We confirm our garages are empty, in working order and ready to let before advertising them on the website.

Sign the rental agreement 

We will assist you in completing the paperwork while you are at our offices. While you're there you'll need to:

  • sign a rental agreement
  • complete a Direct Debit form
  • pay the first month's rent in advance, on a credit or debit card 

Otherwise, you can think it over for five days. If you'd like to rent the garage, contact us and confirm in writing (email is fine) that you would like to start a rental agreement. We'll send you a Direct Debit form to complete, a rental agreement to sign and let you know how to pay the first month's rent in advance. Once all the paperwork is completed and payment received, we will start the rental.

When do rentals start? 

All garage rentals start on a Monday. We'll give you a copy of the rental agreement with a start date and the terms and conditions.