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There are currently no garages available to let so please check back at a later date.

Looking for somewhere to park your car? You should rent one of our garages. We have garages available all over Kingston upon Thames.

You can rent one for £21.33 per week. Anyone can rent one - you don't have to live in the borough.

Council Tenants and Leaseholders who meet certain criteria may not need to pay VAT and can rent a garage for £17.78 per week. See rules for renting for criteria details.

Please note: If you are a Kingston Council tenant and you have rent arrears on your Council property, we will not be able to process your application. Please make sure your account is in credit before applying to rent a garage.


Available garage areas are marked on the map below. Please see full listings on the form: Apply to rent a garage


Can I rent one?

To rent a garage you:  

  • must be over 18 
  • must set up a Direct Debit to pay
  • must not use it as a business premises
  • will need to provide proof of address and photo ID.
  • should read the rules for renting before applying


If you'd like to rent a garage, just complete our form.

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