DIY repair guide

Guide to resident DIY repairs

Online Guide Winter Tips for Residents

We’ve launched a new online guide Winter Tips for Residents showing winter tips and tricks to keep your home warm over the cold period.

picture of man unblocking a sink

Do you have a repair?

Do you want to save your time and try to fix it yourself?

Do you know how?

View our new interactive DIY guide where you can find videos and links to help you fix simple repairs. Some of the topics covered are listed below 

  • Plumbing: replace your toilet seat; deal with frozen or burst pipes; unblock a sink
  • Electrics: reset your trip switch; change a strip light or starter
  • Locks and Latches: replace a mortice lock or a cylinder lock; fit a door chain; 
  • Central heating: control the heating temperature; set a digital programmer; fit a draft strip
  • Decorating: sealing baths, basins and sinks; fixing things to walls; painting
  • General advice: Condensation, saving energy; looking after your home

DIY repair guide