Council housing repairs

Gas or water leaks, electrical failures and other emergencies

What to do if you have a gas leak, total electrics failure or major water leak in your home.

Gas leak

If you smell gas:

  • open the doors and windows to get rid of the gas
  • check to see if the gas has been left on unlit or if a pilot light has gone out
    – if so, please turn the appliance off
    – if this is not the case, there is probably a gas escape
  • turn the gas supply off at the meter and phone the National Grid Gas Emergency Service (formerly Transco) immediately
  • don’t turn any electrical switches on or off (this includes door bells), but you can use the telephone to call the National Grid Gas Emergency Service
  • don’t smoke, use matches or naked flames

Electricity failure

If there is a total electricity failure:

  • check whether other properties are affected
    – if yes, call your electricity supplier
    – if not check the main fuse box
  • check whether the trip switch has been activated
  • if you are unable to identify the problem phone our customer contact centre

Water leak

If there is a major water leak:

  • turn off the stop cock; this is usually located under the sink (but could be in the bathroom, hall or under the stairs)
  • phone our customer contact centre – we will need to know where the leak is
  • think about if it could affect the electrical system? If you think it could, turn off the electrical installation at the main fuse box