Council housing repairs

Repairs for which you are responsible

You are responsible for some repairs within your home and for those where you have caused damage. You must also allow us to carry out repairs and servicing in your home. This is set out in your tenancy agreement. 

The DIY Guide on the Housing Repairs website provides useful information and guidance on how to complete minor repairs in your home.

You must repair the following: 


  •  replacing lost keys to your home and gaining access to your home if you lose your keys, any lock changes and repairs to the door after a forced entry 
  • should we need to gain entry to your home by force, you will be recharged for repairs to the door and any other associated works 

Window glazing 

  • re-glazing any windows in your home resulting from accidental damage, misuse or negligence by you or any of your household, guests or pets 

We can carry out lock changes and window glazing for you, but you will be recharged 

Water supply 

  • the maintenance of any water pipe work and fittings installed by you For example, washing machine fittings or showers 

Sanitary appliances 

  • clearing blockages to baths, basins and sinks & toilets. We can carry out blockage clearances for you but you will be recharged
  • any damage caused by you to any fixture, fitting, wall etc within the property For example, holes in internal doors, broken wash hand basins, toilet cistern lids or baths 

Other internal and external fittings 

  • minor repairs such as bath plugs and chains, pull cords, changing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, and replacing toilet seats 
  • any fixtures and fittings installed by you or a previous tenant 
  • internal decorations, including any minor cracks to plasterwork, adjusting doors to fit over newly installed floor coverings and the fitting of curtain rails 
  • fencing, other than where there is a health and safety risk, gates and gate latches, washing lines and clothes posts in your garden 
  • the sweeping of chimneys and flues 
  • keep gardens tidy, making sure that trees and shrubs do not grow to a size that may affect your neighbours or have an impact on the structure of your home or neighbouring homes, communal housing land or highways

You must: 

  • allow us and our contractors access to your home so that we can carry out repairs, including access to carry out a repair to a neighbouring property. In cases where we need to gain access in an emergency we may need to force access to your home to carry out a repair 
  • allow us and our contractors access to your home to carry out annual gas safety checks and any tests to electrical wiring and installations. Where we are not given access to carry out the annual gas service we will, where necessary, take legal action to enforce access or force entry and charge you the costs for doing so 
  • take steps to ensure that any pipe work in your property does not freeze and make sure any appliances, for example washing machines, are properly connected. Any damage caused to your, or your neighbouring property, will be rectified and the cost recharged to you 
  • notify us when a repair is needed 
  • get our written permission before carrying out any improvements to your home, for example fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, fitting laminate flooring, installing a new light fitting, etc 


  • You must not carry out works to the electricity supply, wiring or fittings – this must be done by the council’s main contractor. 
  • You must not carry out works to your home’s gas supply (including disconnection and connection of gas cookers and fires) this must be done by the council’s main contractor. 
  • You must not carry out works to your home’s heating system – this must be done by the council’s main contractor. 
  • You must not tamper with your front entrance doors – they are fire safety doors.