Council housing repairs

Target time frame for repairs

Here are examples of target times. In most cases we keep to these targets, but will be flexible in some cases if you have particular needs. 

Emergency orders (carried out within 2 hours)  

  • serious flooding or leaks including sewage backflow
  • making safe collapsed ceilings and floors 
  • blocked flue to an open fire or boiler 
  • stair-lift and ceiling track hoist breakdowns 
  • major health and safety repairs to communal parts

 Urgent orders (carried out within 24 hours ) 

  • total loss of water or electrical supply 
  • total or partial loss of gas supply 
  • blocked communal soil stacks and sewers 
  • insecure windows and doors 
  • unsafe electrical fitting 
  • Total loss of heating or hot water. Where this cannot be done because there is a need to obtain parts, an alternative source of heating will be provided 
  • lift breakdowns 
  • minor health and safety repairs to communal parts 

Routine orders 

All other repairs will be carried out within 1 to 20 working days